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Apply for Recognition for Scaffolding CoC

Recognition for Scaffolding CoC is designed for people with a long history of practical experience or a relevant overseas qualification, as a way to recognise their capability and provide a pathway to gaining a SARNZ Certificate of Competence.

Please note, this process is for a CoC only, SARNZ do not issue the NZQA Qualification with this process.

Process and eligibility

Please note, SARNZ offers this process for CoC certification only. No NZQA qualifications are issued through this process, so this will not be reflected on your record of learning. It is important that once your CoC is gained, you ensure you always keep it up to date.

There are three certifications that you can apply for:

  • SARNZ Certificate of Competence (Level 3) Elementary
  • SARNZ Certificate in Competence (Level 4) Intermediate
  • SARNZ Certificate of Competence (Level 5) Advanced Suspended

Who can apply?

People who have:

  • An overseas qualifications
  • An old New Zealand qualification
  • Part of a New Zealand qualification and meet the eligibility requirements, as set out below.

Overseas Qualifications

New Zealand has different scaffolding standards and legislation in place, which is why overseas qualifications/tickets cannot be automatically transferred to NZ. The Recognition for Scaffolding CoC process ensures that any learning and knowledge you have in scaffolding meets New Zealand standards. Any qualifications/tickets you gained overseas will be looked at as part of the Recognition for Scaffolding CoC process.

The table below is a guide around some common overseas qualifications and is designed to assist you in applying for the correct CoC level. If you have a different overseas qualification you can still apply.

If you are unsure what level you should be applying for please contact us at [email protected]

CountryQualification/TicketRecommended level
AustraliaAustralian High Risk SAILevel 4 – Intermediate
 Australian High Risk SA with Suspended Swing StageLevel 5 – Advanced
Great BritainCISRS Blue card part 2Level 4 – Intermediate
 CISRS Gold Card Advanced with suspended swing stageLevel 5 – Advanced
PhilippinesNCIILevel 3 – Elementary
 NCII + Restricted Challenge AssessmentLevel 4 – Intermediate
Other countriesPlease contact us at [email protected] for advice on which level to apply for.


Prerequisite training

Before you complete your application, you will need to have completed the required prerequisite training for the level for which you are applying. See above in 'Entry criteria' for the unit standards required for each level.

If you do not already hold these unit standards, you will need to obtain them from an accredited NZQA training provider such as Te Pūkenga or Vertical Horizonz at your own additional cost.

Entry Criteria

Before you apply, please check the eligibility criteria and any prerequisite training listed below.

Applicants should not apply for the Suspended Scaffolding (Level 5) Advanced unless they can show proof involving extensive experience.

You will need to include in your application proof of work history, a current CV and referees that show practical experience.

If you are unsure what level you should be applying for please contact us at [email protected]

Scaffolding (Level 3) Elementary

  • 6400 - Manage 1st aid in an emergency situation
  • 6401 - Provide 1st aid
  • 6402 - Provide basic life support or 26551 - Provide 1st aid for life threatening conditions
  • 23229 - Use safety harness system when working at height
  • 15757 - Use, install and disestablish proprietary height safety systems when working at height
  • 30072 - Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely or 3789 - Sling varied regular loads and safely direct a crane during crane operations
  • 30264 - Demonstrate Duties, Rights, Representation and the regulator in terms of NZ health and safety legislation.

Scaffolding (Level 4) Intermediate

Same as Level 3 but also including:

  • 23719 - Erect, operate, and dismantle proprietary winches on scaffolding
  • 23720 - Erect, operate, and dismantle mast climbers

Scaffolding (Level 5) Advanced

Gaining an Advanced Suspended CoC through this process will show that you have the competencies required to gain the Certificate of Competence (Advanced Suspended) needed to work at this level.

This will be a much more rigorous Recognition for Scaffolding CoC than the L3/L4. As well as showing proof of an overseas equivalent, applicants must be able to show they can perform all the requirements and tasks that a NZ L 5 holder must be able to do.

Contact SARNZ to check your eligibility for this level,  requirements can then be discussed with the applicant.

How the process works

If you wish to apply for Recognition for Scaffolding CoC you will need to do the following:

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Collect your evidence and apply
  3. Assessment of your examples of evidence
  4. Competency discussion
  5. The final assessment paper
  6. The assessment outcome
  7. Awarding of the Recognition for Scaffolding CoC

Ready to apply?

If you have everything you need ready and know which CoC ticket you are applying for (Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced) then apply through the link below.

Apply for Recognition for Scaffolding CoC