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SARNZ commitment to apprentices

Apprentices can request a visit from our team through the duration of level 3 and 4 (intermediate level).

These visits are holistic and look after how an apprentice is feeling or doing through their apprenticeship, but these visits also allow SARNZ to tailor resources to the apprentice. Address any concerns around apprenticeship or bookwork.

We can answer technical questions, help with bookwork, ensure they are feeling supported and coping with the workload.

We are there to ensure they are succeeding.


From the 1st October 2022, Skills stopped being the training provider for scaffolding and rigging. This responsibility transferred to Vertical Horizonz and Tai Poutini.

Instead of the one training institute, you now have the option of two to choose from. Here's a quick break down of what the changes look like:

Apprentices enrolled and studying before 1 October:

No change. They will continue to learn through Skills. They will not transition to another training facility.

Apprentices enrolled and starting study after 1 October:

These apprentices can either go through Vertical Horizonz or Tai Poutini.

We do expect that there will be a teething period for about 6 months when there will be issues and things to work through. The transition to this date has not been quite smooth sailing, as you will know. We are here to support members and apprentices through this period, so contact us if you need to, and share that your apprentices can contact us if they need us as well.

Vertical Horizonz

View available scaffolding and rigging courses, dates and apply. 

Vertical Horizonz website

Tai Poutini 

Tai Poutini have now updated their site with the courses they offer and you can start applying for them now.

Tai Poutini website