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The Sustainability Toolkit

Modules: Developing Practices & Leading Initiatives - Online course

These two e-learning modules support small business owners and managers in the construction industry with a starting point to make a change. Whether you choose your easiest win or your biggest impact: identify; implement; measure; and report on your results.

  • Developing Practices
  • Leading Initiatives
  • Planning Resources

What you'll gain from Module 1 (Developing Practices):

  • Unlocking Sustainability's Significance: Discover the vital role sustainability plays in shaping our world.
  • From Creation to Deconstruction: Understand how sustainable practices, from design to deconstruction, make a lasting impact.
  • Small Steps, Big Impact: Learn how minor changes in your daily routines and work processes can create significant sustainability improvements.
  • Spotting Opportunities for Change: Identify areas where sustainability can be enhanced and develop a strategic plan for positive transformation.

What you'll gain from Module 2 (Leading Initiatives):

  • Leading Change: Uncover the challenges and opportunities that come with leadership for change.
  • Sharing Your Vision: Master the art of sharing your sustainability vision with clarity and passion.
  • Effective Communication: Learn to communicate and engage your team effectively in your sustainability mission.
  • Measuring Progress: Discover how to measure, reflect on, and refine your sustainability initiatives for continuous improvement.

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