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Our People

Paul Cunningham | Board President

Paul was raised into scaffolding from a young age through his father, and has now been in an ownership position for 7 years. Scaffolding has taken him overseas to the US, UK, and Singapore, and allowed Paul to pursue his love of football.

Paul's current focus is building the best possible executive team to help run and build the business. Building relationships with clients and working with people is what Paul finds the most rewarding in his role.

What drives Paul is a passion for promoting the scaffolding industry, raising quality standards, and all the potential that is still to be explored in the environmental space.

Jonny Benbow | Board Member

After spending some time travelling the world, Jonny was looking for an opportunity and saw an ad for scaffolding. Initially thinking he would give it a try, he's now been in the industry for 22 years.

Managing his own scaffolding company, Jonny is focused on creating a great work environment and training the next generation for the future of scaffolding. As someone that gets bored very quickly, it's a testament to the variety of work given that it's held his attention now for 22 years. Having received a lot of great opportunities through work, he's passionate about helping others get the same experience.

Mick Curran | Board Member

Coming from a background of Construction Sales before being employed as the first Sales Rep in Aotearoa New Zealand for a Australian company, Mick has 34 years industry experience.

Mick is now working part-time and enjoying the ability to focus on liaising with clients and working on staff employment.

What gets Mick out of bed every day? Building compliant scaffolding, and training the next generation of scaffolders. He is passionate about seeing people learn and develop, and the successes as they grow.

Jarrod Radcliffe | Board Member

Jarrod is the General Manager of South Pacific Scaffolding base in Auckland. He has completed an internship with the SARNZ Committee to gain an insight and better understanding of what is required at a governance level for our incredible collective industries.

As a business owner and an apprentice, Jarrod holds significant value in being able to contribute expertise on both perspectives. With his guidance, South Pacific Scaffolding has CarbonZero accreditation and are currently working through other ISO standards. Jarrod brings a forward-thinking perspective, having also been through a lot of challenges that our membership goes through, from a business and ground level understanding. 

David Crowley | Board Member

David first started his own business, Scafit, from scratch over 16 years ago. He now focuses on Governance and Operations and Sales.

Going through the journey of entrepreneurialism, David believes in the philosophy of 'Business for Good', which is why they are supporters of BCORP as an accredited member. He also realised while building his vision that people are the most important part, and supporting staff welfare supports a successful business.

Business strategy and governance are what he's most passionate about, though he particularly enjoys the challenge and problem solving that comes with scaffolding. David is also keen on driving continual improvement, team culture and training.

Vadim Spice | Board Member

Vadim has had a number of roles in the scaffolding industry, from working in training as Head of Industry at Tai Poutini Polytechnic to now working as the Safety and Training Manager for NZ Scaffolding Group. He's been involved in creating guidelines for the industry and been the one putting them in practice with training.

With NZ Scaffolding Group, Vadim is working on creating and managing the internal training and auditing framework and apprenticeship scheme. In this role there's a focus on modelling best practice and behaviours that they want to see from staff. As a supporter of people that influence good practice, Vadim finds that success for him is when good practice becomes common place.

Tina Wieczorek | CEO

Tina comes from a background within the sports industry, and with SARNZ she has been able to use her competitive streak to push boundaries and navigate new challenges.

With key expertise in operations, partnership building, negotiations and brand exposure, Tina focuses on building the brand and partnerships for SARNZ.

Tina has a passion for seeking new opportunities for promoting scaffolding as a career choice for young people, improving industry standards, and working out the gaps and where we can improve the industry.

Wain Chambers | Senior Industry Coordinator

Wain has over 50 years' experience in the industry, working in different countries and has seen the industry evolve. He joined scaffolding looking for a way to earn a living and travel.

As the SARNZ Senior Industry Coordinator, Wain enjoys being able to apply his experience and knowledge to help the industry.

Wain is passionate about health and safety and ensuring that people are following best practice.

Coralie Allen | Training and Office Manager

Coralie joins SARNZ after spending 6 years as the Director of her own timber floor refinishing business. She brings all the skills that come with running your own business, and is genuinely customer focused. Coralie wears many hats, supporting SARNZ in the office and out on the field with training.

Bringing to the role skills in business management, Coralie has been diving heard-first into learning all about the training for our industry to support apprentices and members at the ground level. Her growing knowledge in the industry means that we have a well-supported and seamless connection between what we need to manage in the office, and what you see when Coralie or Wain visit.

Sarah Illsley | Marketing Specialist

Sarah works across website updates, social media, and any communications like emails and magazines. She has a background in web and a passion for technology.

With the SARNZ goal of lifting industry quality and standards, Sarah is keen to apply this to communications and the brand presence. Bringing the industry closer together and increasing visibility of all the cool work that goes on behind the scenes is what she is excited about.