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Carbon Positive free emissions calculator

Use this free calculator to work out the emissions for the following

The Carbon Positive free carbon calculator covers the most common emissions from 8 measured areas:​

  • Fuel emissions (including stationary fuels used within the business, biofuel, & transport fuel used for company vehicles)​​
  • Electricity used emissions & transmission/distribution losses from the electricity used
  • Working from home emissions
  • Refrigerants / other gas emissions
  • Travel emissions (including employee commutes to and from work, or travel for work purposes in non-company owned transport such as public transport, private vehicles, air travel, & accommodation)
  • Freight (including road, air, sea, and rail)
  • Water supply & wastewater removal emissions 
  • Waste emissions
  • Specific emissions related to industries such as importing, primary industries, or construction are not shown in the free calculator. A customised data sheet is provided when you apply for carbon positive certification.

Check out the calculator and learn more about it below

Source: Carbon Positive