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SARNZ and SAA partner to advocate for our industries

SARNZ and SAA (Scaffolding Association Australia) sign MOU

SARNZ is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Scaffolding Association Australia (SAA), the industry body representing its members and companies covering scaffolding and access in Australia.

SARNZ and the SAA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under which both organisations have agreed to support activities and education opportunities which enhance safety in the scaffolding industry in both countries.

Both entities have agreed to work collaboratively to deliver events, education campaigns, guidance and advice for the advancement of the scaffolding industry, and to support each party in their activities to affect positive changes in safety culture.

SARNZ and the SAA and will develop strategies targeting key stakeholders within government and industry with regards to increasing the profile and positive actions required to address scaffolding, access, training and legislation that affects our industries. This includes working together to closely align our scaffolding training systems.

SARNZ CEO, Tina Wieczorek says, “SARNZ is thrilled to be supporting SAA on building a better industry for all New Zealand and Australia in the Access Trades and were thrilled to host SAA representatives at this year’s SARNZ Annual Conference and Tradeshow in Auckland. Learning of the new goals of the association now they have nationalised, which we believe to be a really positive step, was great to hear are closely aligned with ours here at SARNZ”.

“Together we hope to raise standards, commit to continual improvement and improve consistency in best practice to become leaders in the global construction community.”

SAA Managing Director, Robert Thiess says of the partnership, “The establishment of the Scaffolding Association Australia was born out of a shared vision – a vision to foster a culture of excellence, safety, and innovation in our industry.

To move the industry forward nationally as a cohesive group of likeminded companies. As professionals in scaffolding, we understand the vital role we play in ensuring the safety of workers, the success of construction projects, and the overall growth of our nation.

Collaborating with SARNZ will play an essential role in enabling us to lead and advocate for our industry as our missions as industry associations align.”

“Our partnership with SARNZ will be a unifying force within the scaffolding industry. By actively engaging with each other, we can influence policy decisions, drive industry-wide initiatives, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the construction sectors in both countries.” Says Thiess.

SARNZ and the SAA look forward to working collaboratively as a combined voice in the scaffolding industry across Australia and New Zealand.

Learn more about the SAA here.