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SARNZ Advocacy 2023 - 2024

Cover page SARNZ Advocacy Document

The National Party has come ahead in New Zealand's 2023 election, and we have now released our policy recommendations for Government policy and focus. Government must urgently work with the industry to address the issues and work alongside us to create and foster solutions. 

The manifesto outlines three critical areas where we think there needs to be bold and consistent action

  • Plant and Structures regulations - a piece of legislation industry has been pushing for since 2018. 
  • Training - Investing in our future means investing in our workforce. SARNZ want to ensure the support for training remains in place, as well as supporting the creation of the Workforce Development Councils and advocating they remain intact. 
  • Immigration - Advocating for the Inclusion of Scaffolding and Rigging as a Critical Skill in New Zealand's Green List (Tier 2)

Our challenges are widely recognized, and while solutions exist, they necessitate time and sustained efforts from successive governments. We emphatically call for our sector to be removed from the realm of political maneuvering. What we seek is resolute and unwavering action—a departure from political gamesmanship to bring about bold and consistent initiatives.

Take a moment to read our manifesto and engage in discussions with local MPs, council members, and fellow industry professionals. By fostering these conversations, we can collaboratively instigate positive change for our sector.

SARNZ Advocacy Manifesto